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Fighting For Your Future And Freedom

When you get charged with a crime, the road ahead may seem scary and full of uncertainty. So much is on the line. You shouldn’t have to stumble through the criminal justice system alone.
At the Law Office of Gray & Robinson in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our criminal defense lawyers understand the challenges you’re facing. They founded their firm on the belief that everyone deserves a strong and capable defense, no matter the accusations they’re facing are. Our attorneys can fight for you.

A Strong Criminal Defense Against All Kinds Of Charges

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of criminal cases, from simple misdemeanors to federal crimes to murder. We handle state and federal charges, including:
  • Driving under the influence (DUI), both alcohol- and drug-related
  • Violent crimes such as assault, battery and domestic violence
  • Weapons offenses involving firearms
  • Drug charges, including possession and trafficking
  • Theft offenses, such as shoplifting
  • White collar crimes, such as embezzlement
  • Homicide charges, including murder and manslaughter
  • Appeals and post-conviction proceedings
One of our attorneys worked as a police officer for 15 years before becoming a defense lawyer. Armed with this experience and insight, our team can provide an aggressive defense that anticipates the other side’s moves. We also know how to pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence and any procedural missteps that could work to your advantage.

Protect Your Rights And Future By Enlisting Trusted Legal Help

Don’t take chances when it comes to criminal charges. Given the high stakes involved, it’s well worth it to have experienced, skilled and knowledgeable attorneys on your side.

We offer free consultations so that you can have an opportunity to get to know us. You can reach out to us online or by phone at 412-874-2243 to schedule a meeting.